Could millennials be the first to achieve technology enhanced immortality

“I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work; I want to achieve immortality through not dying,” reads the classic, dry-witted quote from esteemed comedian Woody Allen. “I don’t want to live on in the hearts of my countrymen; I want to live on in my apartment.” Penned back in 1993 for The Illustrated Woody Allen

What is programmatic marketing?

What is programmatic marketing?

We live in a remarkable time for digital marketing. Brands can generate interest in their products, win new customers and earn outright brand fame by engaging and moving audiences when it matters most. Every brand aspires to be truly responsive to their audience in real-time, with relevant messaging in a creative way. Brands can now

What makes quality content?

What Makes Quality Content?

Content marketing seems to be the new buzz word across most b2b marketing teams and businesses. So is it just a fad or something with real substance? This is not a new concept but something that successful companies and marketers have been using for many years. As with any concept or coined term it has

Hey alexa how do i get my product visible in amazon search

Implementing a hybrid approach to your Amazon marketing strategy for both paid and organic optimizations will ensure visibility across results pages. There has been a seismic shift in consumers search behaviour as an estimated 56 percent of people begin their product search on Amazon, not Google. If 2018 was the year in which Amazon finally began to

Tips for using the new google ads interface

There’s more clicking in the new interface but the actionable data for speed and mobile friendliness is a big plus. Google is in the process of rolling out their new Google Ads interface. This is the second time Google has said they’d roll out the update and this time they mean it! In this article,

Is whatsapp launching advertising through its facebook portal in 2019

Facebook adds new reporting for Click-to-WhatsApp adsAd campaign objectives now include traffic, conversions (for website), and post engagement. Facebook has added traffic, conversions and page post engagement objectives for its Click-to-WhatsApp ads — ads that launch a WhatsApp chat via the Facebook News Feed. Why marketers should care Facebook’s Click-to-WhatsApp ads offers marketers and advertisers

What your missing from SEO

While long-term efforts are SEO mainstays, contributor Julian Connors suggests more short-term reactive strategies can also have significant rankings impact. There are two approaches to take when it comes to developing new digital marketing or online reputation strategies. The first approach sees marketers and SEO strategists creating proactive campaigns that push content to consumers with

Think with Google : how-to-take-your-best-learning-intentions-and-make-them-countHow to take your best learning intentions and make them count

How to take your best learning intentions and make them count