WhatsApp digital payments

Would you use this new Payments feature on WhatsApp? let me know your thoughts 👇🏾 Facebook Inc’s WhatsApp messaging service rolled out a system across Brazil on Monday that will allow users to send money to individuals or local businesses within a chat, attaching payments as they would a photo or video for free. This is a

Black Mirror meets narcos

Is this the Internet’s next biggest threat? Share your thoughts on what this means below. 👇🏽 Computer viruses have been around since the dawn of the Internet but the stakes feel higher now, especially with Honda being forced offline by hackers this week. The attack is thought to be the result of “Snake ransomware”, which

Michael Seibel

Reddit’s co-founder Alexis Ohanian Sr. has made good on his promise to appoint a black candidate to Reddit’s board in the wake of #BlackLivesMatter. His replacement is Michael Seibel, a partner at the tech investment firm Y Combinator, which helped launch Reddit in 2005, and the CEO of its accelerator program. Seibel was also the founder of Justin.tv, another YC


It’s no surprise that Zoom’s Q1 earnings have been so successful. With $328.2 million in revenue (up 169% from this time last year), the platform has confirmed what we all know: Zoom has been a hit in lockdown. What’s more impressive is that Zoom has managed to maintain its popularity despite major concerns about security

Is Facebook competing with the likes Salesforce, Marketo, an Adobe Company, HubSpot and email marketing tools such as Pardot ? Has anyone seen this feature? I’m keen to explore it. I feel email is still the underestimated beast where if executed well, it will drive amazing engagement, and the Power House of Facebook seem to think so as well. I think this is


In the seven days since his tragic death, searches for George Floyd have consistently been above coronavirus in the US. Black Lives Matter ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 is also gaining traction each day and is currently just 10 points below coronavirus for searches. Showings of solidarity have played out across our social, too. On Instagram, Nike’s ‘For Once, Just Don’t

Tips for building a successful website

Tips for building a successful Website

Imagine Flora owns Fluorescent, a neon sign shop. She carefully designs her shop to create a great shopping experience and to showcase her flair for neon. But when it comes to her website, she figure that since her company is a small brick and mortar business, her website’s design and content don’t really matter…. Hmmm…..

Appeal to searchers and search engines with SEO

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION… SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION… SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION… SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING They sound the same, but as you can guess they are really different. They both work very differently and add to the complex world of digital marketing acronyms that seems to grow daily! So what do they

More to voice search than you think

More to voice search than you think!

To date the majority of advice around gaining results on voice search has been focused on gaining featured snippets on traditional Google web search results. Featured snippets, or answer boxes, appear when Google extracts the answer to a user’s search from an existing ranking page. For example, “lowest calorie food from chinese takeaway”.  At the

“Big data is a powerful resource for businesses, so why are some struggling to take advantage? The key to big data isn’t just crunching numbers – it’s about the empowering the analyst.” In our age of big data and artificial intelligence, data scientists and analysts are like gold dust. Their ability to derive sharp and

Three ways digital advertising must evolve

Despite constant media attention about the “rise of the robots” the advertising ecosystem has finally realised that AI is, in fact, a force for good. And rightly so. Let’s think about the programmatic world we live in: to buy the best possible ad out there, we need to evaluate nearly 9 million impressions per second.