Chat Bots have made messenger one of the fastest growing marketing channels in 2019.

Messenger bots allow you to create a personal conversational experience for your customers using automated AI.

The chat bot can understand users queries and automatically respond natively on platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and WeChat.

Chat Bot open rates avg 80-90% and clicks throughs of 30% - why would you not consider it?

We can help you with customer service, e-commerce and content distribution. We can offer you, end to end creation and execution. Digital humans in-house team will plan, execute and manage a chatbot running from your own brand or campaign page in-line with your objectives and requirements. This can include quiz bots, customer service bots, data capture bots and more. We can also we can help provide chat bot consultancy allowing you to have full control over the build but with strategic support and guidance from our in-house chat bot specialists.

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