Mobile App: Follow the Sun Quiz

The Challenge

We were tasked to create an app within a span of 6 weeks that would tailor to 3000 users. The idea was to make an Augmented Reality experience combined with simple quiz questions. We had to create a new UI from scratch with 15 quiz questions, each unique and different. On top of that the app had to gather user data and display it in a scoreboard. After all 15 questions have been answered the user was to take his picture with some overlayed graphics on top. Aside from that the Augmented Reality part was additional 3 challenges that the user could play if he/she wanted to. These include Tower Building, Paper Thrower and Maze Runner games. We had essentially a team of two to pull this off and we smashed it. How?

The Solution

We used Unreal Engine 4 for our application. It allowed us to iterate really fast and prototype the work to how the client vision required. We commissioned a designer to create the look of the app for us, which saved us time on back and forth with the client, we were already working with an approved design. After getting approved on the design of the UI we quickly managed to program the functions for a template of each question challenge. Then we just changed the content like wording, graphics and animation for each individual instance. This allowed us to win time that we had to little of. Half of the time we had was spent on bug fixing as creating something isn’t to hard in an app, but making sure it works in many situations on many devices is the real challenge. We learned that this is a needed part of the development not to be overlooked.

The Impact

The workload was intense but we delivered on time, although the release was a little rushed the reception was great and people did manage to successfully complete the application. We managed to deliver on time and made the client happy, the app was downloaded by around 2,600 users worldwide during this one day event. Completion of this work earned us a good reputation in Aumented Reality sector and lead to more projects.