Animation 3D: AdaptIQ

The Challenge

For this project we needed to create a visual piece that would advertise this company's services. It has to be interesting and be in context of celebration of a new year and possible business ventures. We were given ample time to come up with a theme, solidify it with the client and develop visual style and feel. We needed to show creativity above all things.

The Solution

After brainstorming and coming up with different ways we can portray the idea, we settled down on a giftbox that would open up with confetti flying out and brand message appearing. We had the scene done in around a week and then left it to render for the weekend. Software that was used to make this happen ranged from Photoshop to Houdini and Modo. For rendering we used the GPU accelerated Redshift renderer.

The Impact

The project had been completed and fulfilled its purpose. We have managed to produce something both us and the client liked visually and the context was on point for their business purposes. We had many animation requests since.