4D Interactive: Focus Logistics

The Challenge

We were asked to make a simple 3D animation showing construction work done over time, which is considered a 4D. However we innovated and proposed an better alternative where the animation could be interacted with. The client was happy to try out this method, as it allowed them to inspect the construction from any angle at any point in time. This is a new development in this industry where standards have already been set.

The Solution

We made a decision to use Unreal Engine 4 for this project due to so many platforms it can be deployed to. We came up with a general template to handle different parts of the development. Being trained in studying construction plans we started breaking down the construction process into sections based on the year and month. Once we confirmed with the client on how the work was to be presented and the accuracy of our investigation into the plans, we started to build out the geographical position of the construction site. When a satisfactory accuracy has been reached we started producing models for each building, vehicles, using software such as Modo and Photoshop. We then populated the scenes with assets over different periods of time and using programming made them display at different times with transitions and animations. The timeline could be replayed back and fourth under different speeds without loss of frame rate.

The Impact

Client was really surprised that this innovation changed the way they make the presentation to their workforce. They were able to bring up an and analyze specifics of each moment during construction and better understand how to solve logistics problems. By completing this project we were able to not only introduce a new alternative to regular work of this type but also make ourselves exclusive and occupy a niche position.