Animation 3D: Text AI

The Challenge

We were tasked to present the Text AI in a fun and engaging manner using 3D Animation. We had 2 weeks to complete the project and the duration of the animation for a small development team was quite long. When we started the project we had no clear agreed script or look, we would have to develop that ourselves. It was up to us to present a narrative and the visual style.

The Solution

We managed to understand what the client wanted to present and gave them options of how it is going to be presented. Everyone agreed to go with a 3D Isometric cartoony style as it was adding so much visual interest to the presentation. We also communicated the script and hired a professional to record the audio voiceover. Then we started timing our animation to it. For this project we ended up using Houdini, known for its procedural animation. We had more than 40 characters to animate and Houdini saved so much time by reducing repetitive modelling and animation. For rendering we used Redshift and it allowed us to reduce our render times to optimal, sometimes being able to re-render the whole animation within 4 hours using only one machine.

The Impact

The animation was seen by many people and metrics show that most of them saw it from start to finish. Meaning we created something very attractive and attention grabbing. Client was really happy also with our delivery time and overall communication/coordination during the duration of the project. We've managed to execute client vision.