2D Animation: My Lendhub

The Challenge

Client needed an animation to showcase their brand during an exposition. The animation had to be communicating clients brand values within a short amount of time and the animation had to loop through out the whole event. At any point in animation the viewer needed to understand what the brand was all about without viewing the rest of the animation.

The Solution

We decided to use After Effects for 2D animation which allowed us to use its flexibility and a large array of plugins to quickly cut down on repetitive tasks.

I made a decision to make the animation change color every other 5 seconds as the eye really picks up on color shifts. Also the colors had to be within the brand color scheme. The motion in the animation had to be fast a flashy in order to catch the viewer attention.

The Impact

Client was really satisfied with the work as he was able to start conversations for people who stopped and took a chance to look at the animation. The a nimation fulfilled its role and decisions made in the creative process were correct. The delivery was a success which lead to more projects in the near future.