Animation 3D: Business Growth

The Challenge

We were to make an animation for a Valentine's Day event for a company. Task was to make their brand message into a visual eye-catching experience. We were given a week to complete the work and thus had to come up with ideas really fast. It was quite a challenge to render out this animation and match the emotional argument of their brand during the creative process.

The Solution

The blooming flowers idea was explored and clearly communicated the growth of business with client's services, the colours starting from cold to warm helped to further emphasize change. We decided to use Houdini as our main software for animation and rendering while our compilation and text animation were made with After Effects.

The Impact

We were able to do the delivery on time with a few rounds of feedback. The animation was sent out to many business contacts on Valentines Day. We were told that it has achieved its purpose, was well received and generated attraction for further business projects.